Thanks for stopping by PeaceGift.com (previously ArtisanJewelry.com). All orders are processed through Paypal.

The site is a mix of things. Mostly items are put together directly by me from their raw parts with the exception of some of the pendants which are imports from various countries selected based on the properties of the semi-precious gemstones, such as Brazil, Tanzania, India, and Hong Kong.

The findings sourced in the USA, Nepal, and China in most cases.

Nearly all the pendants shown can be moved to another necklace easily, but not all – so please look carefully.

Items that are .925 silver, or silver on copper, will tarnish to a golden hue. To prevent that you need to polish your item frequently with a cloth to maintain the silver tone. Also, it helps to keep your item stored in an airtight container to prevent tarnishing, avoid contact with liquids including water due to the chlorine content.

Your custom requests are welcome! Happy to swap to another type of necklace for you if I have the materials on hand – silver for leather, leather for copper, etc. You can write me at contact@peacegift.com or for minor adjustments, please drop a note during check out or by email. I will let you know within a business day if I have the materials in stock or need additional time to ship, at which time you will be under no obligation and can cancel the order if necessary.

Thanks for shopping at my website! Appreciate it!