Beautiful Vintage Quartz Beads Set in Petite Bronze Pendants – Carnelian, Bloodstone, White and Golden Agate


Colorful antique quartz stones made into small pendants with antique-style bronze wire. Each stone is unique and individually hand-wrapped. Choose a necklace to match, in a custom leather length with matching antique brass lobster clasp or matching bronze chain in a standard size of 24″ or custom length, or just purchase the pendant to wear with a necklace you already own.


Amazing old quartz beads (used / vintage) hand-wrapped by me in antique-style brass wire, here in the US. Wire gauge may vary slightly to best fit the stone shape and size.

These old beads to have amazing color including a very bright carnelian that is more of a peach shade, although close to orange, and to my understanding they are rare. These were common in the past related to the Islamic culture to assist with business pursuits as a sort of good luck aid.

Each stone is unique and individually hand-wrapped.

Just purchase the pendant to wear with a necklace you already own or choose a necklace to match.


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Types of stones by color:

Note that a few of the stones will also have small black quartz streaks (especially the red-brown carnelian) as shown in the pictures (about 10%), but most are the solid color only and I mostly removed the ambiguous ones to make things straight forward for ordering. Some of the whites are striped.

In addition to the stunning peach shades, the white and clear shades are also beautiful. The golden and camel shades are also very nice, while the bloodstone is on the darker side (some may be onyx on closer examination – they are a hard to describe almost gray / almost black color). Very nice stones for small pendants, particularly because of the shape which is round but most pieces are just slightly flat as well – a nice shape for wrapping.

While they are smaller stones (in the pictures, they are enlarged for details), I’ve still managed to get them wire wrapped; started with the smallest, with a couple exceptions, to make sure. The range is 10mm x 10mmm to 15mm x 15mm at the extremes which are noted in the main photo (a US dime is 18mm in diameter so they would all sit comfortably on a dime, but two don’t).  Those are the extremes are most are around 13-14mm high by 11-12 mm wide.

Note these are natural stones which are subject to natural variations. Some have noticeable surface flaws, especially in the regular bloodstone category. No two are alike. I start with the nicest stone still available in the color category set aside for the listing when you order.

I removed those with very noticeable flaws right on the front, with just a couple of exceptions, like the grey-gold because of the very rare color and quantity and a couple of the regular bloodstones, at least as I am looking now at them right side up, and one of the blue chalcedony. Probably I am missing a couple things, but overall they are in good shape although used. If you are unhappy with the stone sent, returns are excepted within 14 days of purchase.

Also the wire wraps vary based on the natural shape of the stone. The wraps and stone you see are representative of those you will receive and will probably not be the exact same one pictured.

Additional information

Quartz Colors

bloodstone with red, dark bloodstone, dark grey-green, green moss, grey-gold carnelian, light gold carnelian, medium gold carnelian, peach-orange, red-brown carnelian, transulcent white, white