Aqua Aura Crystal Pendant (Just the Pendant)


Shimmering pale blue aqua aura quartz stone pendant, small crystal wand shape. Each aqua aura pendant features a unique stone with a custom wire wrap best suited to the stone’s shape, using the wire spiraling technique pictured.

Necklace available for purchase separately online also.
Custom length cord necklaces also available. Made to order with USA leather.

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The item pictured is representative of the pendant you will receive. Aqua aura quartz crystals have a beautiful, irresistible shimmer. The stones are natural in terms of form and so there are many variations, but they are all a similar shape, color and length and each one is carefully hand-wrapped in the way that best suits the stone, following the same spiraling technique pictured. Aqua aura crystals are lab created, in terms of the color.

The crystals themselves are around .75 – 1″ in length.

The 17″ black leather necklace with a 2″ chain extension – can be purchased here.

Custom length black cord necklaces can be purchased here also > GO

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